Whether you're a vaping veteran or just getting into the vape scene, there's one aspect of the industry that many people find puzzling: Disposable vapes. Unlike most vape rigs that refill and have replaceable parts, these pens and pods are designed to be tossed away after one tank, or perhaps a small number of tank refills. And they're not just smaller and lighter, therefore cheaper to toss away. These vapes are also made with batteries that are more short-lived and without the engineering innovations that allow for long-term vapes to be maintained with new parts.

From a long-term vaper's perspective, disposable vapes are practically a waste. But wait. Capitalism has created a market for these disposable vapes, or they wouldn't be in production. So, by logical deduction alone, we can conclude that there MUST be some use for disposable vapes among vaping demographics. Today, we're here to shine a little light on why disposable vapes exist by highlighting situations where even long-term vapers might really benefit from having disposable vapes on hand.


1) Travel Vaping

You heard a rumor that one particular airline/bus line/train/cruise sometimes allows vapers to vape while en-route. Provided it doesn't bother anyone, and you don't flash it around too much. Now the rumor comes from internet forum vapers and you couldn't get a clear read from researching the policies online. But you're gonna try it.

This is the first place where a disposable vape can be incredibly useful. You see, if an airline/train conductor/etc decides to object or 'make an example' of your brazenly vaping butt, they could very well confiscate and refuse to return the vape you were puffing from. But you'd still have one hell of a story to take back to your friends at home. So you pack your favorite vape safely into your luggage and equip yourself with a little disposable pen for the duration of the trip.

This way, you can still enjoy your favorite vape flavors and the entire travel-vape experience. But if the vape gets confiscated or they make you throw it out, you've lost absolutely nothing at all.


2) Vaping on Vacation

Then there's an entirely different kind of travel vaping. Let's say you don't mind putting the vape away on planes and busses, but you do plan on vaping your head off during an amazing vacation. Taking your favorite vape rig is definitely one way to do this. It will feature in all your travel photos and make a delicious traveling companion. But there's also a pretty high risk of any small personal item getting lost while on vacation.

Whether you accidentally leave it under a hotel bed or on a poolside table, you might be pretty broken up if a simple vacation loses your favorite vape rig forever. You might even pack it carefully into your luggage only to have the airport send that particular bag to Argentina instead of back home where it belongs.

And then, of course, there are vacations that cross multiple borders in either Europe or South America. Because vape laws vary so wildly, there's a surprisingly high risk that your vape could get unfairly confiscated crossing a border. So all in all, disposable vapes are a great way to take on an active vacation where you can toss away or casually lose one without shedding a single tear.


3) Rebel Vaping

Some vapers take a special pleasure in vaping where they're not supposed to. You may not be breaking the law, but you like to thumb your nose at anti-vaping sticklers who are trying to ruin harmless fun for everyone. Maybe you like ninja-vaping at your desk at work because it's not -officially- against the rules. Or sneaking little puffs on balconies or in stairwells.

Or maybe you enjoy a brash emboldened nic-free vape out in the open where no one should be allowed to stop you. Just to make the anti-vapers uncomfortable in their inability to take action. Rebel vapers are constantly pushing back on the ever-closing boundaries being put on e-cig usage cross both the country and the world. And for those who boldly stay just within the legal limits, we salute you.

But your vape is not safe when rebel-vaping. There's always a risk that some rent-a-cop or micro-managing boss will insist on confiscating you vape or making you throw it out before you can... enter the building, get on with your work, eat lunch, etc. So if you're going to rebel vape, your disposable vape pen is actually a pretty smart way to do it. This way, if you toe the line a little too close for comfort, you lose nothing if the vape has been sacrificed to make your point.

 extreme vaping rock climber

4) Extreme Vaping

Then there are vapers that like to take their flavorful clouds to the most incredible places on the planet. Rock climbing, white-water rafting, the tops of skyscrapers to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Extreme vapers are setting new records for altitudes, velocities, and activities that one can vape while experiencing.

In fact, most physical activities are made more fun by vaping. Enjoy a big lungful of artisan flavor while horseback riding, or try to hide your covert vapes in the middle of a paintball tournament.  Vaping looks particularly awesome in the blacklight reactive, laser-rich environment of a laser tag game. And there's something truly incredible about blowing vape clouds from the top of a mountain. But what all these activities have in common is a pretty high risk of accidentally dropping your vape into places unknown. Down the mountain, into a ravine, somewhere in a few miles of paintball track.

A disposable vape is your best friend when it comes to extreme vaping because a loose pocket or sweaty hand is totally not the end of the world. Why put your favorite custom-crafted vape at risk when you can take a handful of disposable vapes in your favorite color up the mountain or down the river?


5) Being a Vape Ambassador

Speaking of reasons to keep a pocket full of disposable vapes, this might actually be useful to you even when you're rolling with your favorite custom vape decked out in your best skin and vape charms. What happens if a friend, old or new, wants to try vape for the very first time? Sure, at first you hand them a sip from your special blend, that's the most polite and friendly thing to do.

But with disposable vapes on hand as well, you can also load your friend up with a good flavor and help them start to enjoy vape all evening without needing to tap you on the shoulder for each new cloud. Being a vape ambassador is really highly benefitted by sharing disposable vape pens with people who want to try out vaping for the first time without becoming their designated cloud-buddy for the night.


Have some other fun examples of when a disposable vape is really useful? Just want to chat about delicious flavors or get some artisan e-liquids from our private collection? Leave a comment or contact us today!