If there is a special someone in your life that loves to vape, it seems only natural to get them vape-related gifts to show you care. But you don't always have all the inside knowledge you need to get highly specific vape gifts. Whether you also vape or have done your online homework, it's easy to discover that most people have very personal preferences for how and what they vape. But like other kinds of gifts, those close to someone can often guess great surprise gifts that the vaping loved-one will love.

Most of the existing vape gift idea articles out there are highly specific, coils and tanks for exactly the rig your vaper uses. But what if you don't know that? What if you're buying for someone you know more about in fact than in person? Or someone whose rig you know nothing about, even if you know the person well? That's what we're here to cover today. 10 different practical vape ideas for varying levels of knowledge about your vaper or their rig.

1) Vape Lanyard and Ring

Many vapers carry their vape pen or mod on a laynard around their necks during active vaping times. This ensures that the battery powered and often decorative device can't possibly fall and hit the floor. And that it generally remains upright. But not every vape rig comes with a lanyard ring and not every vaper has found a lanyard that they like yet.

If you do know the size or model of vape, you can pick up a spare pack of lanyard rings for your friend's favorite vape. And even if you don't, you can put some thought into a comfortable, stylish, or funny neck lanyard which is as useful for vape pens as they are for ID badges.

2) Fitted Neck Pouch

Another vape trend that grew from the lanyard idea is the neck pouch. Large mod boxes need more support and neck pouch bags can be highly decorative in ways that suit the style of the wearer. If you know your vaping friend well, you may have a good idea about the kind of neck pouch they might enjoy having for their vape during vape-friendly events.

There are all different styles of neck pouch and strings, straps, or chains to go with them. There are soft leather pouches, beaded pouches, steampunk pouch-cases, wooden cases with leather pouch accents, and much more. Check out Etsy for the real handmade variety of vape neck pouches available, and what you can as for custom-made for your friend.

3) Vape Skin with Personality

Speaking of the incredible variety of vape accessories on Etsy, vape skins can be an incredibly pursonal and meaningful or hilarious gift to a vaping friend. If you know your friend's model of vape, check out the skins available that relate to their favorite thing. Their favorite sports team, color, flower, fish, movie characters, historical painting. There are a lot of vape skin varieties out there. And again, you can probably order something custom-made from the people who make them for a living on Etsy. Or find a limited edition skin on eBay.

4) Artisan E-Liquid Variety Pack

Here's a secret about vapers you might not know: We don't tend to splurge on ourselves when it comes to e-liquid. We get set in our ways and order flavors we know are safe. Which makes holidays and gift-giving events the perfect opportunity to splash out a little and try something new. And luxurious.

Gifting your vaper friend with a multi-pack of artisan e-liquid is a great way to make the holiday real for them. Hand-pick flavors from the selection based on what you already know they love. Your knowledge of a friend's taste in foods and sweets will absolutely lead you in the right direction. 

Warning About Nicotine: If you know your friend vapes nicotine, but you're not sure how much, don't guess. You risk throwing off their self-maintenance with a liquid that is too strong or too weak.  Instead, go for nic-free (0% or 0mg) or go ahead and ask what nicotine mg your vaper uses before you buy.

5) Starter Kit or Bundle

Starter kits and product bundles are the current equivalent of a vaper's gift basket. Kits and bundles tend to come with at least one fully functioning device, a small selection of flavors, and often a few useful vape accessories like spare coils or lanyard rings. If you're not sure what kind of rig or e-liquid your vaping friend would like, a starter kit or product bundle is a great way to provide a complete experience that you know will be usable immediately upon being unwrapped.

6) Disposable Pens or Pod System

Along similar lines is the idea of gifting disposable pens or a pod vaping system. Disposable vape pens, especially those with refillable tanks, are particularly useful because vapers sometimes have to go places where vape pens can be easily lost or even confiscated by overactive security. Disposable pens don't last very long, but they provide delicious vape for a short period of time and can be lost or tossed without remorse.

Pod systems are similar, in that they tend to be low cost and are easily refillable for vaping on the go. A nice pod system is about the size of a large keychain and can last anywhere from months to years if it doesn't get lost in transport.

7) Meaningful Vape Charms

Vape charms are another trend that you may or may not have heard of. Vape charms are, essentially, jewelry for your vape rig. Naturally, girls tend to be more into vape charms than male vapers, but this is not a 100% rule as there are many kinds of vape charms. Surfer, sports, joke, and niche vape charms span the demographics for what is popular. 

Vape charms range from rings of beads around the tank to intricate dangling charms with keys, pendants, or even empty bottles. Research a few options for vape charms and choose something that will be meaningful as a gift to your friend. A working compass, a silver figurine, a key to your heart, the options are endless.

8) Extra Batteries and Chargers

If there is one easy to understand the challenge in a vaping lifestyle, it's keeping the batteries charged. The two most common types of vape battery are rechargeable 18650 cells (lithium ion, so cool) and integral batteries that recharge from a cable. If you happen to know that your friend uses the 18650 variety, a cleverly subtle vape-related gift would be a pack of rechargeable 18650s and an independent wall-charging device. Or car-charging if they're on a road trip.

A battery refresh at the right time can be incredibly helpful, and providing an entire recharging pack ensures that your friend can set up a whole new charging station at work, home, or on vacation. As for recharging models, if you can get the right uSB connection

9) Spare Parts for a Favorite Vape Model

If you happen to know the specific make and model of your friend's favorite vape rig, you can provide an incredibly helpful variety gift pack: spare parts. Coils, atomizers, tank glass, and drip tips all eventually wear out and need replacing. Not to mention packs of semi-disposable rubber O-rings. And for friends that build their own coils, consider a wire-bending jeweler's kit of needle-nose pliers and tiny hooks. Vaping can get really intensive on the custom side.

Stocking up on spare vape parts can be tedious. It's easy to forget to re-up and run low. A multi-pack of spare parts for a specific type of vape is an incredibly practical and helpful gift. And replacement tools for fine work are priceless in the hands of a custom-coil vaper. 

10) Vape Gear Cases

Finally, don't forget that traveling with vape is all about being prepared. You may be able to help your friend get well organized on the go by finding an ideal case for their vape gear no the go. Soft, hard, and flexible-shell, you know your friend better than we do. You may know how they like to pack, what their style of case is, and what would work well with the way they vape.

There are many types of possible case because almost any makeup, shaving, toiletries, or even watch gear case can become a great vaping case if you know what you're looking for. A vape case needs to be padded, protected from jostling, seal firmly shut on all sides. and have some way to fasten in a vape pen, mod, and or bottles of e-liquid. 

Or, if you don't know much, a nice padded case is always useful if you see something that seems to suit the style of your vaping friend.


There are many types of vape-related gifts for a vaping friend, but you don't have to resort to coils or atomizers of a specific model. There are gifts that are model-specific and gifts that are meaningfully supportive even if you know almost nothing about your vaping friend. And artisan quality flavored vapes in favorite 'recipes' are always appreciated no matter who your vaping friend is or how they vape. For more vape insights, contact us today.